ZzzQuil Natura – Limited Edition




ZzzQuil Natura – Limited Edition



Fabio Rovazzi returns as the protagonist of incredible feats in the digital campaign for the new Limited Edition of ZzzQuil NATURA. And so, with the irony that distinguishes the ZzzQuil campaign #hosolodormitomeglio, a new opportunity arises for Fabio Rovazzi to surprise everyone, including Joe Bastianich and Claudio Marchisio who co-star with him in two of the four videos of the campaign.

All thanks to ZzzQuil NATURA which, with the same highly appreciated formula based on natural ingredients, offers four new Limited Edition packages dedicated to those who want to wake up in the morning feeling like a starred Chef, a Champion, with Superpowers or top of the class, rediscovering themselves, thanks to a good sleep, as a true phenomenon in every situation.

ZzzQuil Natura – Limited Edition